Torq Rusty surfboards review January 19, 2024 – Tags: , ,

The Torq Rusty Surfboards review. We have always had a keen interest in our Torq range here at Tradewind Surf. In the last year, Torq has finalised a collaboration with Rusty & produced four models in Torq technology for you to enjoy!

What are the models – 

There is something to cover most bases starting with the Torq Rusty Moby Fish –

Torq Rusty Moby Fish


The Torq Rusty Dwart – 

Torq Rusty Dwart


The Mid Length is covered with the Torq Rusty Egg Not – 


Torq Rusty Egg Not


Performance is covered with the Torq Rusty SD – 

Torq Rusty SD


From performance to Mid Length, you can check out the models by clicking any of the links above. These models only dropped late last year & the response has been very positive.


Technologies – 

The first batch that have arrived in Australia are in the Tec construction. Which is the Torq  performance construction, that is lively & strong. They are due to be made in the ACT construction, which are yet to land in Australia. You can read more about this construction by clicking on the link of this previous post.


Summary – 

As a brand Rusty needs no introduction. They have world class surfboards for many years. The models that Torq have collaborated with are proven in the Rusty range. The recent rise of the Torq technologies makes this an exciting way to try both brands in one go.

We think they are priced reasonably. If you can say that about anything these days! If you would like to know more then we would love to hear from you. Give us a call on 0488 775 483 or email me direct you can also follow us on our socials for more. Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok. We look forward to hearing from you!