Torq Surfboard ACT technology review June 15, 2022

The Torq Surfboard ACT technology review is an article on the Torq ACT technology. We have covered Torq extensively in our blog but we have not given much time to ACT. Read on to see what we have found out.


What is Torq ACT technology –  

Torq ACT technology is the world’s first EPS/Epoxy pre-preg surfboards. Whilst there are a lot of benefits. The most intriguing & valuable is the fact that it is a completely controlled process that equates to zero surplus resin. The video attached to this blog is also very helpful in understanding more.


Torq Big Boy ACT


How does ACT tech perform –  

Due to the fact that ACT technology leaves no room for surplus resin. You have a board that flexes more & is strong as resin on it’s own is dead weight. So any excess resin is exactly that, which resists flex & jeapardizes strength & also adds weight. So the idea & feedback is that you get a lively board that is all go & no show. If you want more info on these boards & other things we are interested in then follow our Facebook or instagram. 


Torq Surfboard ACT Technology review summary – 

The Torq Surfboard ACT technology is something new & exciting for surfers to try. We get a lot of surfers from all skill levels looking to give Torq ACT models a try. They often come back for another ACT down the track which is a great sign with everything that is on the market. It is a really unique tech & one worth trying. It is also worth checking out our previous review on Torq Surfboards if you would like more info on the Torq range.


Torq Surfboards review



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